Large uploads remotely

I am looking to use the pepwave to upload 50GB of video files daily for my business. When 5G/LTE is available what are some average upload speeds one can expect to see? Are there any pitfalls? Should I worry about data loss? Trying to avoid going to a data center 4 hours away.


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The only right answer to this is ‘it depends’.

Here in the UK I have personally seen anything from 5-10MBps upload on LTE, to 80Mbps on LTEA-Pro. Others that go hunting for towers and stand next to them have gotten more (125Mbps+). However it all depends on the quality of your connection to the tower, the technologies available on the tower, what bandwidth is available from the tower back to the internet, and then what speed the target server is connected at and can manage to write to disk at.

Packetloss will slow down the transmission of data. You can turn on forward error correction to infill lost packets in real time which helps.

Potentially mobile data costs, and availability of 4G signal and bandwidth where you want to transmit from.