LAN to LAN connectivity

I have a construction customer with a BR1 in their office providing connectivity. They are planning to have an automated turnstile installed but the turnstile is too far from the office and not line of sight to be connected to the BR1. The PC in the office runs the software to manage the turnstile (access list etc…) and needs to be on the same LAN as the peripherals (card reader, access, finger print reader etc…) that are in the turnstile. Could I put a separate BR1 connection on the turnstile and attached the peripherals and through a VPN have a LAN to LAN connection with the office?

Yes. Assume the plan is to do this over cellular. If so you will either need to have one BR1 with a SIM that has a public IP, or you’d need to host a Fusionhub in the cloud to give the remote peer(s) a target IP to build a PepVPN connection to.

Either way you can have a layer2 VPN that then acts as a transparent bridge - the same as running an ethernet cable.

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Thanks Martin

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Made a video about ‘Using SD-WAN as a Long Distance Ethernet Cable’ which you might find useful.


Hi Martin so the site office has already got connectivity. Could I therefore install a balance connect it to their connection and in the turn stile install a BR1. then use a layer 2 between the BR1 and the Balance and in that way extend the LAN between the two devices?

Regards Steve

Hi Steve,

That will work just fine assuming the BR1 has a public IP or you can go with the fusionhub suggestion Martin made.

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Thanks Eric unfortunately no public IP address on the SIM, so does that mean that I will have to set up two separate L2VPN’s back to our hosted 710 to bridge the two LAN’s?

@BRYAN_SD going via the B710 as a hub will work. Or you could open up ports on the existing connectivity and forward to the balance one to go direct.

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Hi Martin Getting there but one of the VPN’s won’t come up and only gets as far as creating tunnels. The other VPN came up fine and I was getting the IP address from the 710?

I am using two BR1’s now not a Balance

Sorry Martin all working thanks for your help (fat fingers)