LAN settings cannot be saved on Balance 30, show conflict problem


whenever i trying to save save settings on my balance 30 it shows there is conflict between remote user and layer 2 pepvpn.


Hello @kumar.neeraj,
Is there anything that has changed since you got the system working with @MartinLangmaid in this previous forum thread?

We gather you have checked both of your PepVPN & IPSec settings.

You can make changes to check with out commiting them into operation if you wish to this area of the router, try using a different subnet and see if you get the same error, to discard your changes, just go back to the Dashboard tab, scroll down to the bottom and select “Discard Changes”.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


Thanks for your suggestion Marcus, but the topics u merge are totally different.

the link above has two different devices and now I m asking abt a different device i.e Balance 30.
There is a conflict problem and I m looking for a solution to that. The conflict between remote user and the PepVPN…



This is a WebUI bug whereby when you have set the Remote User Access (RUA) and Layer-2 bridging based PepVPN under same VLAN/Untagged VLAN.

Bug record filed and this will be fix for future firmware.

Layer-2 bridging based PepVPN & Remote User Access (RUA) should be able to support under same VLAN/Untagged VLAN as long as “Override IP Address when bridge connected” settings is set to “Do not override”

Temporary work around for the issue to allow you to change/save the Network LAN settings:

  1. Disable Remote User Access (RUA) first.
  2. After Remote User Access (RUA) is disabled, you should able the change/save the Network LAN settings.
  3. Re-enable back the Remote User Access (RUA) after you have finished edit the Network LAN settings.