LAN port settings Port Type Trunk Custom not available in high end routers

Hi, we tried to specify VLANs to a specific LAN port in either a 2500 and a 380 but that option is not visible. Firmware is 7.0
In a small 310 it shows the options. Trunk…Custom…and appears a list of VLANs…

Is there a setting we are missing?

This is the expected behavior. Please find the FAQ below.


Thank you for the answer TK but it is a bit surprising and problematic.

We - wrongfully - expected like Heriberto that the features would be cumulative and the higher the router the more features it would have.

MAX transit seems to not allow port based definition of trunk/access mode although it can be quite useful in complex vehicle environment.

Is there any plan to add it?

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This is in our list but is not the top feature to be implemented in near future. You may connect to switch then assign port based Vlan there if needed.


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I was disappointed to see that the Custom trunk that allowed both tagged and untagged traffic was not included in 7.01 for the Balance 30. Please make the Balance series routers have the same feature sets. They are differentiated by the number of WAN and LAN connections – do you really need to differentiate them by feature sets as well?

Now, the 310, “suddenly” those options disappeared. Any clue?

@Heriberto_Garcia, I tested with Balance 310 Hw4 v7.0.2. Below is my screenshot. Can you elaborate more of your problem?

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Any update on this ? I read about the “custom” vlan choice which I can see being useful. But with a Balance 380 on firmware 7.1.1 it is not present correct ?

Hello @TK_Liew,
I can confirm what @rkuiken is seeing in Firmware 7.1.1 GA, the Trunk Custom options have gone missing on the Balance 380 & the Balance 580 & the MediaFast 500.

I’ve not checked all of the range yet, I will leave that to the Peplink engineers.
We’ve been discussing Custom VLANs in the Trunk within another thread.

Fortunately for our clients at each of there sites we have another managed switch, though this could be an issue for several others out there. What is the ETA until the next release will be available to restore this feature?

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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For higher end models (Balance 305 and above) , the custom settings for trunk port is not available . This is not the firmware bug.

For higher end model you can only have the following settings :slight_smile:

  • Trunk - Any
  • Access - Selected VLAN
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Sorry to bump this thread after such a long time, but I see a difference in the vlans on a BR1 vs Br1 mini
Pepwave MAX BR1 network port settings port type trunk Vlan dropdown ANY, PC-Network, Phones, Custom

Pepwave MAX BR1 Mini network port settings port type trunk Vlan dropdown ANY


BR1 Mini

Is this expected behavior?
There are many times we only want a tagged network on the LAN interface and want to disable the untagged network communications.

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