LAN MTU Size 1200

We are facing issue to establish the OSPF neighbour via LAN interface. The error message getting is the reply MTU size from Peplink is only 1200. Anyway we can change the LAN MTU size to default 1500?

Hi Davis,

This is odd normally Peplinks default’s are 1440.
On the below image is show where you can change your MTU.
Network>WAN>Select WAN>(see image below)
I hope this will help you out ?

Hi Wouter,

That is MTU for WAN interface but not for LAN. There’s no such setting for LAN interface

I tested by enable the Jumbo frame on the LAN port settings, and it is working now and able to response with MTU up to 9000 without fragment.


Best Regard

Hi davis,

good to hear you got it working.