LAN client shows 16EB of data

Balance 210 with 7.0.1. When I look at Status > Bandwidth > Daily and click on a specific day, I see a list of what data each LAN device used. Sometimes I will see 16.0EB. I’m not sure what an EB is but I assume its 1,000 GB. Its impossible for our devices to pull that much data in that time period, and these reports often show exactly that same 16.0 EB of data. Why is this?

:thinking:… Possible to open ticket for us to take closer look? Not sure what is causing this and need further investigate on the box.


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I see this on my Balance 380 as well. There is no way a client can download 16EB in one hour. I would love to know why it shows up this way.

Yeah, in this context EB means Exabyte, which is 1 billion GB.

1000 GB = 1 TB
1000 TB = 1 PB
1000 PB = 1 EB

Seems doubtful. :wink:

TK had already replied to me directly. This is a bug that will be corrected in a future release.

Cool. Thanks for the follow up.