L2TP VPN Through Balance 30 Failures

Hi, we have a Balance 30 with three WAN connections. Through one of them we port forward the L2TP/PPTP ports to an internal VPN server. For the last few weeks we have had an external site sustain 1-3 PPTP VPN connections transferring perhaps an average of 500 kbps out. In addition to these connections we’ll have 1-3 other VPN users make periodic short term L2TP connections throughout the day/eve. During these last few weeks the Balance 30 has been getting into a state where it will not properly forward new connections to the ports and we have to manually reboot it in order for our users to be able to connect their VPN clients. The router doesn’t completely freeze and still seems to have most functionality when it gets into this state, at least in the short term.

Originally I had it running firmware 6.3.1 but downgraded to 5.4.9 to see if it made a difference. It did not – they both require reboots every few days.

Is this a known issue and is there a workaround? Is this something that could affect other Peplink devices? We actually need to upgrade our router later this year for increased bandwidth and I don’t want to get another one that has this kind of issue. Thanks in advance for any help!


Hi Charlie,

The problem may relate to the load. Please open ticket for us to take closer look. Please help to get info below before you open the ticket.

  • Ensure Balance 30 is running v6.3.1.
  • Screenshot of Bandwidth usage for WANs (Status > Real-Time) when problem occur.
  • Download Diagnostic Report when problem occur.

Thank you.

Thanks. I have restored the 6.3.1 firmware and I will create a ticket but when this happened with 6.3.1 I could not connect to the web interface. It was non-responsive and the browser hung waiting. We had to physically unplug the device to reboot. So obtaining a diagnostic report and usage screenshot may not be possible.

Just give a try. Sometimes you may able to access the Web Admin. If not, just download the Diagnostic Report after the reboot.