L2TP Ipsec setup for Clients

Just setup this 580 not too long ago and trying to get it setup for client VPN access unsuccessfully. I’ve searched the site and google but unable to find an actual guide on configuring L2TP w/ IPsec for clients. I’ve got a cert, and setup all the settings under remote user access. I imagine there are ports on the firewall, etc that need to be setup.

What am i missing?


You may find here for more details.

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Delayed response, crazy few weeks!

I’m unable to get this to work. Are there more settings required to let the traffic through the firewall? Does it use the same VLAN as the balancer, is it a DHCP issue?

Even tried cutting over to PPTP, never able to connect. Android, Win8, Win 10.

L2TP/PPTP server is working on untagged VLAN of Peplink. Please make sure you have DHCP server on untagged VLAN.

If you have firewall in front of the Peplink, please allow the UDP 500 and UDP 4500 for L2TP. Also, if you are using PPTP, please allow TCP 1723 and IP Protocol 47 (GRE).

If the above suggestion does not address the issue, please create support ticket through the below URL:

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I am having same problem as this. I assume this is because peplink with LAN assigns a VPN client with 192.168.1.x/32 ? How can I change this ?

I ended up opening a support ticket for this. According to them it’ll only work if the Peplink is handling DHCP. In our case we dont want the Peplink to handle DHCP. Looks like we’ll need to setup our own VPN server.


We do support external DHCP server with PPTP/L2TP IPSec. Please ensure your Balance router is running latest firmware version and external DHCP server is located in Untagged Vlan.

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