L2TP client on MAX series

Hi PepLink Team,

Is there any feature in the road map to include a L2TP client on the MAX series? We have a potential customer who is interested in using PepLink as part of their fixed wireless offering, however this is a must have feature for them.

Hi @pepnet_allan,

Do you mean a L2TP VPN client just like the standard IPsec VPN client?
Or do you mean something like L2TP over IPsec for remote user access?

If you mean the first one, I don’t think this is on the roadmap.
PPTP VPN client is on the roadmap as far as I know though.

If you mean the second one, this is already supported.
You can find this under Advanced > Remote User Access.

Hi Joey,

The first one, an L2TP VPN client just like the standard IPsec client.

Thanks for the information, we won’t waste too much time on this opportunity then.