L’ALBATROS MY : Fast & reliable Network by SeaSatCom

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  • Captain was not happy with the slowness and unstable internet on the vessel.
  • They also need to have 4G Lte service when traveling across the Mediterranean and Caribbean sea.


  • Two MAX BR1 LTE gateways have been  installed on board L’ALBATROS  MY in combination with two high gain omnidirectional cellular antennas.
  • Each of the two MAX BR1 LTE has 2  x SIM cards providing full LTE coverage in the Mediterranean and Carribean sea.
  • 7 x Pepwave AP One AC Mini have been installed throughout the vessel for a fast and strong Wi-Fi.
  • A Balance 580 has been installed to manage the AP One AC Mini and to provide report usage.


  • Seamless LTE connectivity in the Mediterranean and Carribean sea.
  • Dedicated internet for guests.
  • Fast and strong Wi-Fi throughout the vessel.
  • Insightful Wi-Fi usage report.