Kensington Lock Pepwave AP

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does the Pepwave AP include the Kensington Lock interface?

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Hello @hentati,
Only one model we found has the Kensignton Lock feature, you can expect the rugged and industrial versions not too, this list is based on current photos we have of each model.

Yes, key hole available on WAP:

  • APO-ENT (AP One Enterprise)

Note that the use of the keyhole may interfere with the wall/ceiling mounting of the unit.

No, key hole unavailable for WAP:

  • APO-AC-MINI (AP One AC mini)
  • APO-AGN2 (AP One In-Wall)
  • APO-FLX (AP One Flex)
  • APO-RUG (AP One Rugged)
  • APP-AGN (AP Pro 300M)
  • APP-AGN2 (AP Pro Duo)
  • APP-GN (AP Pro)
  • DCS-GN-IP55 (Device Connector IP55)
  • DCS-RUG (Device Connector Rugged)

We use tamper resistant screws if needed with a touch of silicon glue rather than a Kensington locks, brings less attention to the equipment and can still be serviced by authorised personal.

If someone really wants to take the equipment, they will no matter what security you have in place, they are going to take it anyway, so best to reduce the amount of damage that could be done and make things easier to restore the site later.

Did you know that Peplink equipment all has in each device a uniquely burned in serial numbers that if the unit is factory reset, then the unit can reappear in InControl2 if plugged into a network location with Internet access, making them almost useless to take as you can give details to authorities to commence tracking and recovery base on the IPs logged when the unit is powered up, more info here

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thanks a lot for your prompt feedback !!