Just bought a used Balance 20. What are firmware upgrade ansd support options?

I just bought a used Balance 20. I haven’t received it yet, but I know it has the old 5.x firmware. What do I need to do to be able to get the new firmware on it? It seems like I need to buy some support for it to upgrade, but I don’t see an option to purchase support. Plus, if support is too expensive, I would have been better off buying a new one.

If I can’t upgrade the firmare because I bought it used, I am going to be pissed, and my opinion of pepLink is going down the toilet. I am not a big fan of companies whose policies encourage the disposal of working equipment. I hate the waste culture, so I try to buy used whenever possible.

If the device is out of warranty then you just need to purchase an extended warranty at a cost of $59. This provides 1 year of hardware coverage as well as the firmware 6.x unlock key.
You can make your purchase via the following link, and please remember to include your serial number in the comments section of the order:

Otherwise, if you don’t want/need the new features of 6.x firmware, the 5.4.9 firmware is excellent.

Thanks Tim. I followed the link that you posted. It took me to the same page I had been looking at. I don’t see anything on this page for $59. The extended warranty section does not have a line item for a Balance 20. I hope it is just that the page is temporarily broken.

It is the third item in the list, part number SVL-705. You can also purchase a 3 year or 5 year warranty as well.

That’s weird. The third item on my list is SVL-764. The first item is SVL-762 ($99). The page is different for you than it is for me.


Please find the attached screen shot for the Extended Warranty Renewal.

Thank you.

Hi Cosmogeek,

If you are still having issues locating this SKU please let me know. I work for Frontier Computer, Peplink’s North American Distributor, and can easily take care of this once you have your used units serial number. If you have already taken care of it no worries. Just wanted to offer you assistance.

Thanks and enjoy your Peplink!