It is recommended to use VPN?


I have the following scenario:

Site 1:

Peplink 380

Site 2:

Peplink 380

The Site 1 and Site 2 are connected via two links (not internet, is peer-to-peer).

I’m not using public links (via internet), but private.

The question is:

For what reason I would use Speedfusion / IPSEC VPN to connect the two sites?

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If there are two or more WAN links on each side, a SpeedFusion VPN will be “unbreakable” if a WAN link goes down on either side. This means that sessions will remain established.

You are also able to “bond” the connections for aggregate bandwidth between these sites through a SpeedFusion VPN.

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Can not use outbound rules when you have the Speedfusion? For example, I’m doing a speedfusion 2 links to another site but would like the service The only use the Link 1. In the second link would only use the service B.

Its possible?

Actually, you would not set two SpeedFusion profiles between the same two locations, only one. And yes, you could set the priorities for which WAN connection to be used in the SpeedFusion profile.

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I think I expressed myself wrong. I have the scenario mentioned above Site A and B linked via Speedfusion (through 2 links) and would like to set rules for the output links that are being used by SpeedFusion.

When you say that you can set the priority of WAN Connection, you mean the option WAN Connection Priority located in Network> SpeedFusion> WAN Connection Priority?

What I want to know is: Is it possible to use the option Network> Outbound Policy, Rules under the links that are being used in SpeedFusion?


Yes, the SpeedFusion VPN profile is treated as an interface for making outbound policy rules.


So, can I create one outbound policy that says that a host at site “A” must use the Link 1 and not VPN to go to the Site “B”?


Outbound policy rules are for routing outbound traffic in the Balance. The VPN interface can be used for outbound policy rules, however the VPN interface consists of all included WANs that are defined and prioritized under: Network> SpeedFusion> WAN Connection Priority - for each SpeedFusion profile.

SpeedFusion routes are on top of, or above outbound policy rules. If you wish to route traffic above SpeedFusion routes, “Expert Mode” can be used for this. Click on the “?” in the right hand corner of the outbound policy rules. You can then click on a link to turn on Expert Mode.

thanks!! works perfect!