Issues with ATT WiFi Calling droupouts

I have a Pepwave Surf Soho MK3 which I’m using as a failover router to provide minimized downtime home internet. My WAN connection is from a Suddenlink Cable modem and my failover ISP connection is with a Netgear Nighthawk M1 ATT hotspot. My home is not located in an area with strong cellular connections, so I usually have my iPhone 11 Pro connect via ATT WiFi Calling which has worked great until I installed the failover router. Now, my calls intermittently drop parts of a conversation and start doing so within 5-10 seconds after the call begins. So, is there a setting somewhere in the Surf Soho router that can cause this to happen?

Thanks for any help…

Your wifi call is sometimes going over the backup connection. You have multiple transitions, and multiple NAT. Thats going to be poor for Voice over IP. You need to write an outbound rule enforcing that traffic to the cable modem WAN.

AT&T wifi calling uses port 500 UDP, and port 4500 UDP. You can write two outbound rules, one each based on those two destination ports (not source port), enforcing the traffic through the desired WAN.

In this case I would use enforced because if the cable modem goes down, there is no point in sending that traffic through the hotspot. If the cable modem is down, you’re better off having the phone tell you that wifi calling is not available.

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Wow! Great suggestion, Don. I’ll give it a try and let the community know when it works.