Issue with Speed Fusion

Ok, I have been trying for some time now to Fix this Issue but I cannot.

I have (2) Peplink 1350’s at different Locations

Location A has 1 WAN with 1G Dedicated Internet Access
Location B has 4 WAN with 200MB, 100MB 80MB and 80MB each

The issue I have if I connect more than 1 WAN at location B the connection goes to S**t, there is high latency, dropped packets etc. I taught well it may be one of the WAN’s so I tested them one by one, and if only one WAN is Connected doesn’t matter which one, it works fine, only if I add 2 WANS then the connection becomes unusable.

I have also set the Proper Bandwidth in the Connection and this did not do anything.

Any Help here would be Greatly Appreciated


Appreciate if you could create a support ticket with us here so our technical team can take a closer look and go over more detailed information.

Support Ticket just sent, we have been trying to get this resolved for some time now using Frontier Corp Support (we purchased the Unit from them) but the issue still persists.

Thank you for your Help and I hope we can get this Resolved

We received the ticket and will work with Frontier to get this resolved as soon as possible.