Issue with port forwarding, it STOPS WORKING!

I’m running the following firmware on my pepwave devices (8.0.0 build 3455). The units I have are all MAX BR1 Minis, I have over 50 units running today. They work great, but I have noticed in the last month or so multiple units will start to fail when it comes to port forwarding. A unit will randomly stop port forwarding and then a restart of the unit will be needed, after the restart all the issues are resolved and the issues will not pop up again for some time. It is happening on multiple units and at different times. We have a good number of port forwarding rules setup in our units (30 rules per unit). When I login to the unit online, I can ping the end device and the user on site says nothing is wrong with the end device. Then I will power cycle the peplink device and the port forwarding will continue as expected. Is this something known, I didn’t have this issue with the prior firmware.


Please open a support ticket for support team to check. Technical support team may need a diagnostic report from the device when the issue happen and also the server IP and port that having connection problem.

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I have opened a support ticket and post what happens.

I haven’t heard anything back yet, I have just had another modem do this exact thing. I did not reboot the device this time. I changed the port forward rules to forward to another IP address, applied the settings then changed the port forward rule back to the original setup and applied the settings. This solved the issue and the port forwarding worked again after changing and reapplying the same rule.

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For the Technical Support Team it would be very useful to download a diagnostic report exactly when the device has lost the port forwarding. Or exactly when it happened on which device. And provide this information in the ticket you opened.

You mention you have 30 port forwarding rules per unit, so i am guessing you push or pull some data through the devices with multiple API’s. The BR1 Mini has a maximum concurrent connections of only few thousand. Maybe have a look at the amount of connections are made through, and try to reduce or spread the amount of connections. Or some application that keeps opening extra connections.

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I just had this happen to 3 units at the same time, I downloaded the report from each device and uploaded to support. I will update when they let me know what they find.

The (potential) problem is fixed in firmware 8.0.1. Please consider testing the new firmware on 1 of more of the units you’ve send the report of.

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