Issue Using client VPN over Pepwave HD2


Thank you for taking some time to help me.
So, in my little network i have a Pewave HD2 (WAN and cellular connection), and local client (2 PC and 1 mobile phone).
My client can access to the Internet , there is no problem.
But, when i’m trying to connect to a remote VPN (OpenVPN server) with these clients, i can’t.

I have two questions:

  • What i have to configure on my pepwave HD 2 to succeed on ?
  • Can i configure Pepwave HD2 to use an OpenVPN (i only see option IpSec) in the settings ?

Thank a lot for your help.

Hi Box_Mobile,

Welcome to the forum!
OpenVPN is supported for remote user access to your LAN, not for site-to-site VPN connections (server mode only).

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Thank your for your reply.
Ok for site-to-site vpn.

But what about a client VPN connected over Pepwave WAN or Cellular ? The connection if ok only if we don’t use a client VPN.
Are there any settings i have to modify to allow that ? Policy ? FIrewal ?

Erik is right you can’t get the HD2 to act as a OpenVPN client, but I’m surprised your clients can’t connect to an OpnVPN server. I use OpenVPN clients behind Peplink devices all the time.

Are you using any non standard OpenVPN ports?

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Thanks for your help Martin.
I’m using non standard port in fact.

So, what i have to do ?

Ok. Try adding your custom ports into the Service Passthrough section (Advanced > Misc Settings | Service Passthrough) as a test.

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It works fine !
Thank you so much Martin.

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