Isolate wifi from computers on lan network while allowing lan computer to print to wifi printer

I have a pepwave surf soho mk3 firmware 7.0.1 and I cant figure out how to create a wifi network thats isolated from computers connected via ethernet. Ive tried to read several posts similar to my question but they all use older firmware versions that dont have the same options or gui as 7.0.1 so I cant figure it out. Please help.

Three steps:

  1. Create a new VLAN for the WiFi network on its own subnet - enable inter vlan routing
  2. Assign the WiFi SSID to that VLAN
  3. Create two firewall rules, 1, That allows the IP of the WiFI printer to access your primary untagged network, and under that, one that blocks the wifi network from accessing the untagged network.
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