Is there a way to disable Active Sessions capturing data?

I see that Active Sessions under status has captured data on my network and I would like to know if there is a way to disable it.

Just to be clear… it is only “capturing” the metrics of sessions - not actual session data (payloads).

In reality no, The router/firewall needs to keep state data for all of the current traffic streams that are being handled by the router. That screen is simply reporting to you the human, what it has to keep track of deep inside the state tables. It could lie to you and say “it knows nothing” but deep inside it has to keep that data, the router doesn’t work without it. All routers can and do generate this data, you are probably not used to being able to see it, Most commercial class firewall/routers have full debugging where you can examine the state tables.

It doesn’t capture data about your network, it captures data about the sessions that are going from your network to other networks. And it can capture every packet, via the support.cgi page. Which is useful for debugging difficult issues.

Now, the historical data (Status → Usage reports) aren’t necessary for working and I don’t think they can be disabled, but that is just gross traffic levels, not individual session information.

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