Is there a pepwave device that supports ATNT firstnet?

We are planning to use peplink for 911 call dispatch and other public safety vehicles but one of the requirement is to be able to use ATNT firstnet sim cards compatible.
Is there any pepwave model that supports ATNT FIRSTNET ?


Hi @sureshkc
Please have a look at this article

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I am getting the following message when i click the above link.

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Please assist.

Sorry, that article is in the partner only area.

This is the only currently certified FirstNet device from Peplink.
MAX-HD4-LTEA-WF ~~ 1x CAT12/FirstNet modem + 3x CAT6 modems
All testing complete – FirstNet Certified

There are eight more devices been currently tested with an estimated certification date of the 21st on June.

Please contact a Certified Peplink Partner for more information

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As GNO-2014 stated, MAX-HD4-LTEA-WF is the only FirstNet Ready device and Peplink is working on getting additional devices certified. More details will become available as we continue to get FirstNet Ready devices.

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On Peplinks wesite I couldnot find the model you mentioned however I found this MAX-HD4-MBX-LTEA-R-T which supports Band 14.

Hi sureshkc,

Here is the link:

Here is the datasheet:

The specific model is MAX-HD4-LTEA-WF-T

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additional band 14 will benefit the general public as well (when there is not an emergency)

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