Is there a Low Voltage Disconnect circuit on the terminal block connector of the MAX-BR1-ENT?


Have a new MAX-BR1-ENT-LTE-US-T and plan on connecting to an auxiliary deep cycle battery.

Is there a built in Low Voltage Disconnect circuit on the VCC/GND of the terminal block - or do I need to add it?

I couldn’t find much info on the terminal block in the manual or forums.

It sounds like the Tx/Rx and RTS/CTS serial ports aren’t of any use to us at this time?
Anyone connect up a cable, and see what signal is being sent?

Thanks for any info on the terminal block you might have,

  • mark

Hi Mark, we will get back to you later on this. Thanks.

I’m guessing no - or if an LVD circuit is incorporated = it’s set too low (or off).

I did a “burn down” test on a deep cycle battery with a large transfer - and found the MAX BR1 was still transferring at 10.5V (below the safe threshold that most LVD’s would set). Stopped the test before it got any lower, so can’t be sure.

Let me know what you find out - and that’ll determine whether I need to insert one in line.
They’re cheap - at $12 retail, you might want to consider incorporating one internally, if it’s not already there!

It’s a great way to ensure you don’t ruin a battery…

  • mark