Is the SURF SOHO-T different from the SURF SOHO?

I suspect, after many problems over several years, that my Pepwave SURF SOHO MK3 has a hardware problem and will never actually behave well. I’m still working with it, and I might get into the 8.1 firmware beta, but I remember that at the very beginning it had problems with the power adapter, which is why I do not unplug the power adapter at the unit, but rather at the surge suppressor (where the “block” is on the cord).

So, I went looking for a replacement and I found a couple entries on for the “SUS-SOHO-T”:

5GStore lists the SOHO (without the “T”):

I think these are all the same unit. Is that correct?


I’m working on your ticket for the SOHO MK3 weird behavior issue.

For the product link shared above, do you think you can drop a message to the seller and confirm the product is refer to the product below :

This will make sure you won’t get a wrong model.

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Sorry for the delay in responding. The seller of the model I bought in 2017 was Services LLC. The attached screenshot shows the info that Amazon has about my order. In the screenshot the link goes to the following entry:

I’ve provided a screenshot of the System Information from the device today.

I have downloaded a diagnostic report but I see that it is not authorized.

Sorry, I don’t know how to reach Services LLC.

You have the latest Surf SOHO MK3 (HW revision 1)
You are running an older firmware though. Could you please try upgrading to 8.0.1 or our beta 8.1.0

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I just re-read your post. I’ll try the 8.1 beta.