Is it possible yet to assign FusionHub's public IP to the WAN interface of a CPE?

I skimmed the forums and didn’t see this but thought I’d check. This wasn’t possible when I last looked into this a couple years ago but just wondering if anything has changed.

If we have say a HD2 on premise with multiple SIM cards being bonded via FusionHub, and then have a Cisco Meraki attached to the LAN1 port on the HD2, is it still only possible to assign a private IP to the the Cisco and use NAT to forward any inbound traffic to FH’s public IP? Or is it possible to assign FH’s public IP directly to the Cisco’s WAN port?

Right now if FH is, the Meraki’s WAN port is connected to the LAN port on the HD2 and is assigned say We then use NAT to send inbound traffic to to the internal IP I’m assuming it’s not possible to have the Meraki’s WAN assigned yet but wanted to check. Thanks!

Hi, that is not possible if FusionHub only has 1 public IP address.
We are working on a feature to assign public IP address to premise which requires FusionHub has more than 1 public IP address.


Thanks Kenny that’s good news. Is there any super rough ETA on when that feature might be expected?

This feature is targeted on next major firmware release.