Is it possible to limit UPnP to specific IP Addresses on a Balance 20x?

I have two devices on my LAN that I want to allow UPnP to work with. Can the UPnP be restricted so that only those two devices can configure ports on the Balnce 20X?

In short, I only want my Synology NAS and Plex Media Server to configure forwards via UPnP, while I handle other services with manual port forwarding.

UPnP is a big on or off switch. Don’t do if if you can help it. Can you just do it all manually?
Plex only needs TCP 32400 inbound doesn’t it?

Fortunately UPnP is just 1/2 the equation. It does the port forwarding piece of the equation and you still have to write the corresponding inbound firewall rule to match the inbound traffic. So you can write the inbound rules so that only those 2 devices are allowed to receive incoming traffic. My Xbox is currently working this way. UPnP is turned on, but the Xbox is the only “allow” in the inbound firewall rules. Also you’ll notice in my screenshot below that I log the rule when it’s hit so I can tell when the Xbox has incoming traffic. In my case, Microsoft tests the port once a day, but other than that nothing is actually using it. :slight_smile:

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