Is it possible to know what kind of mobile network we are connected?

HI guys,

We have almost 10 pepwaves and we use this with mobility, everyday we use speedfusion in differents places. Unhappily, the 4g network is in building yet, and the 3g network it’s not a dream’s thing.

So, I want to know if is possible to know which kind mobile network i’m using, if it is 4g, 3g, and, inside 3g, if is HSPDA, EDGE, GPRS, etc. I want to use this to make some statistic data to have a better use from our devices.

Someone could help me?


What MAX models are you using?

Hi Tim, sorry by delay, I didn’t receive an email notification from the topic.

I’m using MAX HD2.


Right now we indicate if it is LTE or 3G, and additional details on the 3G has already been raised as a feature request.