Is it Possible to Block WhatsApp using Peplink Balance

In our organization we need to block WhatsApp application for all users through mobile and also web. What are the possibilities for this to be done in peplink balance

That will be a little tricky. They publish a list of their server/service IPs here
so you could add firewall rules for them, but that would be quite a list of network/subnet rules.

The balance has web blocking features now, but that might be too generic (ie blocking ‘chatroom’ and ‘social networking’ will take out a bunch of other services too like facebook).

You could use OpenDNS to do this and force all clients DNS queries to be sent via OpenDNS but I think you’ll see the same issues as using the balance web blocking filters.

Maybe one way to do it would be to block using the web blocking features on the balance to block all chat and social media and then specifically allow * and other social platforms you want to be able to use?

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