Is EV-DO modem supported in MAX-HD4-LTE-E-T?

Good morning,

I have purchased 2 * MAX-HD4-LTE-E-T and one of my users in now travelling in a country where they have a CDMA EV-DO revA 800MHz network. Will the device work there? It’s not very clear: network is same as Sprint’s CDMA network and I read that the device is certified for use with Sprint, so normally it should be ok, but still I cannot find the modem in the spec sheet of the device.

I ask because it’s not easy to provision SIM cards in that country so it would be great if somebody gives me an answer before we try and acquire SIM cards locally.

Thanks in advance for your help, best regards,


@Guilhem, the HD4-LTE-E-T does not support EV-DO technologies. It only supports LTE and HSPA technologies.

Thanks Tim, this is very clear.