Is enforce really enforce? I think i have seen a bug (Maybe)?

Dear - Peplink,

I have played around with your Max Transit device - i want to use it with Citrix CloudBridge Virtual WAN - SD WAN product

I have created 3 WAN interfaces 1 Ethernet, 2 LTE

I have configured so the devices has a outbound policy with source > Ethernet > Cell 1 > Cell 2…

It seems like its working - but in rare occations it mixes up the packages - i transmit an UDP stream outbound … But i have seen some times it sends out data on another interface than the enforce policy says it should send out to (If i etc. just pulls the cable from Ethernet) it should not be able to send any data on the Ethernet interface but i can see that the IP suddenly sends out some packages even though the Ethernet cable is unplugged…

Is there some kind of “backup” configured if a link goes down? If enforced the data should never be able to use the “default” rule.

One of the issues could be that all my 3 IP addresses 192.168.10-12 comes with same MAC address - is or can this be an issue?

What i see is my virtual path ends up with major packet loss on the link between the CloudBridge/Peplink > WAN/CloudBridge.

I never see this if no outbound policy is defined and i only configure 1 interface om my Cloud Bridge.

Really strange - and frustrating - because its really random have done a lot of packet tracing - and monitoring.

I started configuring 3 different VLANS

VLAN 100:
VLAN 101:
VLAN 102:

Outbound Policy:
Source > Ethernet
Source > Cell 1
Source > Cell 2

This configuration was way more unstable than just adding 3 different IP’s untagged to the interface - here i can reproduce it - if i just let the box stay for 5-10 minutes something fixes it by it self and data is transmittet correctly again.

Hi Zen,

Can you please enable packet capture for the MAX transit and send us for further checking ?

For more information on how to enable the packet capture, please refer to the knowledge base below:

Beside that, possible to provide us the physical & logical diagram for your setup here ?

Thank You
Sit Loong