Is balance 20 the right product for me



currently have adsl2+ only – speed of about 16mbps. i am going to get a second telephone line and adsl service with a similar speed.

will the balance 20 load balance effectively for me and will there be any functionality missing that i would miss. i am a home user




Hi Chris- The Balance 20 will do a great job of load balancing your two ADSL connections. Most home users don’t have a need for drop-in mode, Authoritative DNS, or SpeedFusion VPN, so the Balance 20 is a great choice.


thanks for the quick reply – yes drop in mode and the DNS facility of the higher models were some of the features i didn’t understand.

will it be easy to set up eg i just have two unlimited adsl feeds and i just want the peplink to distribute the work across the two as efficiently as possible