IPv6 Support for Pepwave SOHO router

March 18, 2020: Received this reply from 5G Store Support regarding IPv6 support in the Pepwave SOHO router:
Surf SOHO mk3 does not support IPv6 passthrough according to the product specification, so the IPv6 traffic is not allowed by default.

It’s2020. It’s time for IPv6 support to be added to the firmware of the Pepwave SOHO router. I don’t understand why this router blocks the IPv6 internet. If anyone from Peplink reviews these posts, please tell me when this router will support IPv6 passthrough. Thank you.

I prefer not having IPv6. I often use a VPN and this helps insure that the VPN does not leak via IPv6 which some have. Also, having used a Surf SOHO for many years, I have not had an issue caused by the lack of support for IPv6. And, in general, the fewer features the less that can go wrong - the official term being lowering the attack surface.

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