IPv6 For Cellular WAN



Verizon has begun to notify customers that they will no longer be offering public static IP addresses for new activations after June of this year. As a result, anyone that needs a static public IP address will need to use an IPv6 address. I do not see it mentioned in the documentation, but do the Peplink devices support IPv6 WAN IP with cellular service providers?



This refers to static IP’s only at the moment and we will fully support IPv6 static IP addresses prior to the announced June 30th date.


Compliments to Tim for the answer.


Thank you very much for confirming this! As I am sure you can imagine, many users are panicking a bit about this news. Just to confirm, will this apply to all Peplink devices with cellular modules?



Yes, any device that has an embedded cellular modem. Thanks.


Thank you for confirming this!


Update: Verizon has informed me that the message they sent out was done prematurely and an updated one is being drafted for release. It sounds like this is going to get pushed out to a later date. Will share more details as they become available…