IPv6 : available in Single but not Multi-cellular Max routers?

Hi guys,

I noticed that the IPv6 is supported in the MAX Multi cellular routers specs http://www.peplink.com/products/max-cellular-router/multi-cellular/

Does anyone know if the Single cellular supports IPv6?
it’s not stated in the product specs page : http://www.peplink.com/products/max-cellular-router/single-cellular/

Any hints as to when it might be supported? :slight_smile:
Thanks for reading guys;)

Hi Eugene,

You are right. IPv6 passthrough is supported in Max multi-cellular router only.

IPv6 passthrough
For better understanding, you just imagine Max router will run as bridge mode between LAN and the selected IPv6 WAN interface.

Hope this help.

Thanks TK,
Would you happen to know if single cellular router will support IPv6 soon?
specifically the BR1 router series

Hi Eugene,

No plan at this moment. Can IPv6 passthrough meet your requirement?

Hi TK,

Unfortunately not, gov tenders, require IPv6 Support, not just “passthrough”.

Would Peplink Consider IPv6 Support in future?

Hi Eugene,

Definitely! Supporting IPv6 is under our product roadmap. We may consider for BR1 as well.

Thank you.

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