IPSec VPN Tunnels Keep Disconnecting/Connecting



We are running Firmware 7.1.1 build 2460 on a Peplink Balance 305.

We have three separate/distinct IPSec VPN Tunnels set up on the device. As of this past week, all the tunnels keep disconnecting and reconnecting. This is continuously happening throughout the day.

We have rebooted all network equipment (Primary WAN Router/Modem and the Peplink Device).

Any help would be appreciated.


After logging in to the Balance you can type in this address to get the support.cgi page:

http://<Peplink’s IP>/cgi-bin/MANGA/support.cgi

Does the logical health check info show the WAN passing with a large consecutive count?


Hi Ron,

Thank you for the reply.

The Count is currently at 604 and counting (the OneStream Fiber). The Charter Cable is set up as a backup, so it in standby/offline unless the Fiber goes down.

I also see this on the LAN/WAN Details:


If the consecutive count looks OK, do the phase 1 SA lifetime values in the IPsec profile match up with the remote peer? The IPsec event log will show a disconnect/re-connect during the re-keying process.


We see a ticket was opened for this and will use that to follow up.