IPSec VPN from Sub Office to Head Office for Internet Connectivity


I am trying to get a VPN for internet access working from Sub Office to Head office working with 2 x Peplink Balance 30’s but think i am approaching it the wrong way. Any assistance is appreciated. Details are below

Head Office
Peplink Balance 30 / 192.168.2.x network
WAN 1 - Internet 20 mb link
WAN 2 - Internet 2 mb link
WAN 3 - Internet 3 mb link

Sub Office
Peplink Balance 30 / 192.168.1.x network
WAN 1 - Internet 2 mb link

The sub office only has a 2 mb internet link, but would like the sub office to use the head offices 20 mb link for internet traffic. So would like to create a VPN between Head Office WAN 2 & Sub Office WAN 1. That way when sub office users browse the internet, internet traffic does not use the sub office wan link, but uses the vpn link to head office and out the 20 mb HO WAN 1 link

Don’t know if this is doable. Have tried various configurations. I do get the VPN connected between HO WAN 2 and SO WAN 1, but when users at Sub Office browse the internet traffic is still going out via Sub Office WAN1 and NOT Head Office WAN1

Hope the above makes sence


Instead of using IPSec you should create a PepVPN tunnel between the two devices and you can then force all traffic from the sub office across the PepVPN tunnel.

Thanks for the tip. I’m currently running Firmware 5.4.9 on both Peplinks, and don’t see the PepVPN option, unless i’m looking in the wrong place.

PepVPN is supported on Firmware version 6.x and higher, and you can just upgrade following these instructions:

If your device is out of warranty you will need to purchase an extended warranty or a subscription to InControl2 via the following link:

Please remember to include your device serial numbers in the comments section of the order.