IPsec - sometimes connecting. Behind a firewall being an issue?

End A: Balance One. Static IP
End B: Balance 20, behind a DSL modem with DHCP.
WAN on the B20 side:


  • PepVPN between the two Incl. providing access to (by means of an outbound rule to the PepVPN connection) at the B20 end.

  • IPsec VPN (aggressive mode) between the two when the B20 does not offer as a local net (and the B-One does name as a remote network)

Does not work:

  • IPsec VPN between the two when the B20 does offer as a local net (and the B-One does not name as a remote network). I sometimes get a partially established connection, sometimes none at all.

Furthermore, the B20 reports the connection as being fully established, while the B-One claims it is being partially (or not at all) established. Screenshots attached.

I have performed similar set-ups in the past, with an aggressive mode set-up with one end providing a WAN connection as local network (to ensure proper routing).

Any suggestions as to what can allow me to establish the IPsec (not PepVPN) connection appropriately?
Status at the B20:

Status at the B-one 9at the same time):

Setup at the B20:

Setup at the B-One:

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