Ipsec peplink


We try to mount an IPSEC between BALANCE 50 and ZYWALL USG 50.

In the IPSEC menu we saw the note that IPSEC Peplink is only compatible with CISCO, JUNIPER and a Peplink.

Nevertheless, our IPSEC seem working, it is marked as “established” :

But no PING (and no traffic) through this tunnel are happening.

Peplink’s logs :

And ZYWALL’s logs :

Wa was tried agressive, mane mode … nothing happend.

Did we may have a solution?

Thanks for your help.

Best regards.


We officially support Cisco and Juniper and will provide support when using either of those products with ours regarding IPsec. A wide variety of vendors certainly do work with ours and IPsec

I did see that you had created a ticket with our support team, I will folllow-up with you there.

Thank you !