iPhone WAN from hotspot

Hello and Good Day to All

I use a Verizon jet pack AC791L from Netgear to connect to my Surf soho MK3. For some reason the SIM card failed, and they are sending me a new one.

The question is…when I use the the hotspot on my iPhone 6 Plus via the usb connection the soho will not hook up for the WAN. But if I use the WiFi for the WAN to the soho all is well and no problems.

Please someone inform me. Thank You.

USB Tethering to iPhones has never worked - its some kind of Apple OS restriction / policy that blocks it if I remember right. So wifi wan is your only option to connect your SOHO to your iPhone. Or you could buy a proper phone - tethering to Android works great :wink:


Thank You Martin L.

As this is just a temporary connection, I will wait to get new SIM card for the AC791L.

Sounds like Apple needs to get over it. Makes no sense to have it working with WiFi and not USB.

Thanks again.