IP67 Directional 9dBi High Gain LTE Antenna

I have been tasked with installing 4 - IP67 Directional Antennas on a roof and this is a first for me. I know that I need to keep them at least 2’ apart (edge to edge) but I need a little guidance that I am having a bit of difficulty finding. The runs for these will be in the neighborhood of 100 feet or 30 meters. Will LMR-600 outdoor rated cable work for this application? Do I need SMA male ends on the cables? Can I get premade 30 meter cables from PepLink? Any insight or help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

If you have the opportunity to purchase cables with the correct connectors on both ends then do so - every connector is a slight loss of signal.


LMR600 is hefty and probably required. Check the loss figures, per foot, on any number of sites. I recommend timesmicrowave.com and their Ultraflex cable - if you don’t need any flexibility at all, you will get a bit better performance from a non-Ultraflex cable but it’s probably not worth worrying about. You can have cables made in any length and connector/s you want, and as JMPFAS suggested, don’t use adapters if you can avoid it. Each adapter will cause about .5db gain loss and LTE antennas are not super high gain to begin with.

What antennas are you using, out of curiosity?

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