IP v6 in Peplink and PepWave

We have 1 units BPL-710, 1 units BPL-580, 3 units BPL-380, 15 units BPL-310, 2 units PepWave MAX 700 and 3 units PepWave AP One.

Any of above mentioned device support IP v6? Please advice.

Your Peplink Balance models and Pepwave MAX 700 support IPv6 on a single Ethernet WAN port. When enabling IPv6 support on a WAN, the WAN router must respond to Stateless Address Autoconfiguration advertisements and DHCPv6 requests.

IPv6 clients on the LAN side will acquire their IPv6 address, gateway, and DNS server addresses from it. The device will also acquire an IPv6 address for performing ping/traceroute checks and for web admin access.