IP Forwarding Requirements

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I’ve been reading the manual, searching the forum, googling, and testing different approaches, but I’m having great difficulty setting up IP Forwarding on a Balance 20 router. If there is any additional documentation on using this feature, a link to that information would be greatly appreciated.

I have a remote site that has 2 connections. One is a dedicated, private line from our home office, and the other is a public line from a different ISP. The objective is to use the private line as our primary link, and use the public line as a failover so local devices have internet access in an emergency. Here are the specifics:

  • Router at home office is
  • Private line is connected to WAN 1 (IP Forwarding mode) with IP
  • Public line is connected to WAN 2 (NAT)
  • Balance LAN IP is


  • Balance 20 should forward all traffic from WAN 1 to the LAN
  • Balance 20 should normally send all outbound traffic from LAN to WAN 1
  • In the case there is a service disruption on WAN 1, all outbound internet traffic is sent to WAN 2

When sending a test ping from the System → Tools → Ping menu in the Balance, I can hit just fine from WAN 1, but I cannot reach it from the Balance LAN.

From what I’m reading, IP Forwarding should send all traffic from the link on the enabled WAN to the LAN. Am I missing something? Is there a list of requirements that need to be in place for this to work properly?


The scenario appears to have the network on both LAN and WAN 1 of the Balance. IP Forwarding will route from LAN to WAN without using a NAT, but LAN and WAN networks need to be unique to route between them.

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Hi Ron,

I’ve tried to make the networks unique, putting the network on the WAN, and a network on the LAN side (and vice versa), but I am still unable to route any traffic between the two. Does my router at the home office need to create the route between the two networks for traffic to pass through?

An outbound policy rule using the priority algorithm can be used to send traffic out WAN 1, failing over to WAN 2.

What router/networks do you have on the other side? The other router needs to know about the LAN network at the home office.

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