IP forwarding on Balance 30

Dear Forum
Can someone kindly guide me on how to do an IP forwarding from balance 30. I have 2 WAN connections (main and backup (fail-over not load balancing). The main WAN has got a /29 IP addressing with 4 extras after the gateway and interface IP taken. I need a server behind the balance 30 to be able to have the public IPs remaining. Essencially, the server needs to NAT two Public IPs to it’s own client. I got the srever part but can’t seems to figure out how to do an IP forwarding on peplink, can’t even see the option but I think it should be there somewhere.

Please help if you can.


You will be able to do this under Network>NAT Mappings.

  1. Address = Server IP
  2. Inbound Mappings = Select applicable WAN and additional public IPs.

If you do not see the option to select the additional public IPs, go to Network>WAN>WAN1: Add the very bottom of the page; this is where you will need to add the additional public IPs.

Correct – A NAT mapping is required for this. IP forwarding allows you to route between public IPs on the LAN and a different public IP network on the primary WAN. In this case you have a /29 network and you cannot route to the same network with IP forwarding. A drop-in mode would be ideal for this but it requires a Balance 210/310 and above.