IOS14 and Nearby device page

After upgrading my iPhones and iPads to IOS 14, the nearby device page is now useless. It’s completely full of entries all the time, even though I’ve set my devices to only use their non-private MAC addresses. I don’t know if it’s neighboring devices filling up the logs or something else. You may want to consider a feature in the next software release that filters out all these private MAC addresses filling up the nearby device database.


I’m seeing a barrage of entries too, and my devices are set to use non-private MAC. However, I don’t get local random MAC addresses for stations in Nearby Devices, but all evidence I’ve seen points to iOS 14 devices using frequently-changing random non-local MAC addresses for generic probe requests (no SSID), even if the device is associated with an AP. I can’t explain the strong-RSSIs I’m seeing on these any other way.

I think it would be very difficult for Peplink to filter these… these packets are intended to blend in and not be distinguishable from legitimate devices using a fixed hardware MAC.


@prosumer Thank you for confirming my suspicions. R.I.P. Nearby Device functionality :slight_smile:

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I suspect Peplink is using Beacon frames for APs and Probe Request frames for stations, so I suppose it’s possible that they could use other management frame types to identify nearby / rogue devices, and / or maybe filter Probe Requests down to those that include some SSID.

Really depends on the intended purpose of this feature.


Is that really true? One can still see APs. This is what we use the feature for – to get a handle on what else is out there that may be interfering (and in some cases to find an unauthorized AP on premises.) We often make channel assignment decisions based on that information. The probes? Meh. Just mildly annoying.