Introducing the UBR LTE!

We would like to introduce the new UBR LTE. It provides an all-in-one WAN solution for industrial deployments with GE WAN, 4X GE LAN, and 2X LTE connectivity as well as Peplink’s SpeedFusion SD-WAN bonding technology.

UBR LTE is available now#.

See Webpage

^ PrimeCare model. Pricing applies to US region only, other regions may vary. MSRP before any shipping fees, VAT, GST, regional taxes or duties. Check with your official reseller for final pricing.

# US carrier: supports T-Mobile and AT&T; Verizon pending (expected in Q1-2 2020).

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Hello Peplink Colleagues,
We have been receiving some enquiries on the UBR and we thought you may find this information useful to share.

The UBR model only has Cat-4 connectivity (some have already asked for Cat-6 & Cat-12, answer “not currently planned”). The UBR LTE is for the M2M (Machine to Machine) & IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) environments that typically are not after high bandwidth.

The UBR LTE and smaller BR1 Pro (HW4) is suitable for:

  • Electrical switchboards
  • Air Conditioning plants
  • Vending machines
  • ATMs
  • Remote Management & Security Systems
  • IP based SCADA systems
  • Small remote deployments of VoIP services (such as emergency panic help points)
  • Low Bandwidth Digital Signage
  • Points of Sales (PoS) system in small retail where there is good existing indoor mobile coverage
  • And other places where space is more of a concern over the available bandwidth.

The UBR LTE may not be suitable for:

  • Broadcasting
  • Video streaming services
  • Medium to High Bandwidth Digital Signage
  • Locations where regularly there are substantial up or download bandwidth requirements (SME Offices)

For most retail we would push for something with a bit more grunt as applications need more cloud and picture/video become involved, take for example the models with the Lite Level of content filtering as a minimum, they help reduce the risk of exposure to the unsuitable network uses.

The revamped BR1 Pro is available with Cat-6 and also targeted at the M2M & IIoT environments similar to the UBR LTE.

Neither is suitable for substantial bandwidth and large connection applications. The UBR looks the part though it does not have the grunt need for streaming and conference services. Peplink/Pepwave has many other more suitable models for those situations.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


Hi Team, when will this device be certified on the Verizon network?

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Hi Team, when will this device be certified on the Verizon network?

The certification is in process. Target ready date will be in mid- or late- Sep.

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Do we know if this has been approved yet? Also what is needed if the primecare is purchased to run the Speed Fusion tunnel ? Normally I had to setup azure server and all that. Does it now just connect back to the correct destination based on the licenses or is there customer setup configurations that’s needed to make both modems live on different carrier sim’s?

Do we know what carriers has this been approved for yet ? The balance 20x do we know what carriers that’s been approved for yet ?

Hi Cassy, do we have a new ETA on Verizon certification for the UBR?

The certification is in the final process. Target ready date will be in mid- or late- Sep Nov.