Introducing the New Balance Models with MediaFast Capability

Introducing the Balance with MediaFast 750, a supercharged content caching router. Equipped with 1TB SSD and 1Gbps throughput, this new model easily handles the huge traffic demand of large school networks.

We’ve also upgraded the MediaFast lineup:

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Balance with MediaFast 200
Balance with MediaFast 500
New! Balance with MediaFast 750

Cache Storage (SSD)



Now with greater throughput and larger cache storage, the Balance with MediaFast is more powerful than ever — cache and accelerate video, iTunes U, iOS updates, app downloads, and more.

Learn more about the Balance with MediaFast family:

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Question about the MediaFast 500.
On the website it states that this cashing router can store OSX and iOS updates.
This this require to make a change in the operating system like one has to do when using the cashing service on a Mac OSX Server?

Also can one cash iTunes content (movies) or even Netflix?

After enable the MediaFast, it would cache the OS update and no any changes is needed in the operating system.
iTunes movie trailer can be cached. But it can’t cache the iTunes movie and Netflix now. Stay tune!

Zoe, thanks for your sharing

Thanks Zoe for sharing this information.Can you tell me what cost of MediaFast 750 is? Please recommend me I am waiting for your reply.
Thanks again…

Hi Steve,

Thank you for your message and interest in our MediaFast. I have responded to you through email.

Best Regards,

Hey Zoe. Thanks for sharing this info.
This actually looks quite promising.

any interest in adding SMB server caching?

Hi. I might mention … You picked up a thread that has been dormant for almost four years. If you have a feature request you may wish to start a new topic in the '“Feature Request” area. :wink: