Introducing the new AP One Enterprise - ceiling mounted 3X3 MIMO 11ac AP


Designed for the most demanding customers, the all new AP One Enterprise features 3x3 MIMO simultaneous dual-band 11ac Wi-Fi; with the ability to transmit wireless data at up to 1750Mbps.

With the new ceiling-mounted design, it gives you optimal Wi-Fi coverage that delivers a strong, fast signal to every corner.

Like the rest of the family, all advanced features are supported including user access control, social Wi-Fi hotspot, and easy centralized management with InControl 2.

Learn more by visiting the **AP One Enterprise **webpage.

Will these APs be able to hand mobile clients off to the next AP as they travel?


All of the AP’s are capable of allowing for roaming. However the hand-off is mostly dependent on the Client device itself.

Is Peplink introducing anytime soon a 11ac SOHO router? I would love to have n technology in current SOHO replaced with ac technology.

Just bought 22 units for this AP One Enterprise. But can not find the latest firmware at your download side.


You may download the firmware here.

The fact that this device is ceiling instead of wall mounted, and an omni-directional antenna is not designed to spread signal in all directions but in a disc shape instead.

Does that implicate that the AP One Enterprise access point should be mounted horizontally only?

Or can the AP One Enterprise also be mounted in vertical position (like on a wall)?

Where can I (pre-sale) find the “Instruction sheet” that is mentioned in the user manual <; at page 6 (six)?

Why not include drawings of the antenna directionality for all Pepwave AP products? Preferably in 3 directions: a cross section of x, y and z plane?

Can the 2.4 and 5Ghz radios be enabled simultaneously? For the “mini” this is explicitly stated in the manual at page 8 (“…this model includes a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi radio and a 5GHz Wi-Fi radio that can operate simultaneously…”), for the AP One Enterprise no such information is available at all in the Wi-Fi section on page 7.

Yes, both radios can be enabled simultaneously, or individually (2.4Ghz only, 5Ghz Only, both, none)

Yes, Peplink will be introducing the new SUS-SOHO MK3 router this fall sometime, which will feature the new 11ac wifi w/ 3x3 MIMO. We are all very much looking forward to its release.

Peplink Account Manager