Introducing the HD2 Dome and SIM Injector!

Does the SIM Injector currently support any other products besides the HD2 Dome?

And does the SIM injector come with a 56 volt power supply?

Hello @clinder,
The SIM Injector can also be used with the:

  • IP67 HD2 LTEA
  • IP67 HD4 LTEA

We know of other models and ranges currently undergoing development and testing, the Peplink/Pepwave range continues to evolve so as time progresses you will see the current models changed over to the newer chip sets that are able to support the SIM Injector technology.

You can read more on the IP67 HD2 & HD4 on the Peplink website.

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Marcus :slight_smile:


Hi Tavis,

Would it be possible to make antennas for the one radio modul 450MHz?

Let me check on this with the hardware team and see if 450MHz is possible.

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Are there any plans to create a similar enclosed dome for the Max Transit Duo? I’m currently working on an antenna install on a large ship and it would make my life so much easier (with better antenna gains) to run just a single cat6 cable instead of 7x cables inside the vessel.

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Hi, Does Sim Injector Works with HD4 max in HA mode?

HD4 Max supports HA mode, but it is useless when you use it with Cell carriers. If one unit fails, you have to unscrew sim cover, eject 4-8 sim-card and then install all of them to a paired device. Sim injector, if it multiplies existing installed sim-cards to both devices from HA pair, would be a great purchase.

Hi Marcus.

Regarding your note about the metal roof of vehicles improving the performance… does the unit not have any ground plane? I guess each element could be a full dipole in its own right - I’d be interested in any insight you can give me, please.

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Hi everyone, is the included mounting bracket for the Dome stainless steel?

Hello @TheMissingLink,
It appears to be aluminium as its none magnetic.
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Marcus :slight_smile:

A basic stainless steel has a ‘ferritic’ structure and is magnetic . … However, the most common stainless steels are ‘austenitic’ - these have a higher chromium content and nickel is also added. It is the nickel which modifies the physical structure of the steel and makes it non- magnetic .

I just Googled this and this leads me to believe we need a direct answer from Peplink engineers.


Currently the following devices are compatible with SIM Injector -

  • HD4 MBX
  • HD2 IP67 (HW4)
  • HD2 Dome
  • SFE
  • SFE Cam

Jon, mounting bracket is made of stainless steel.

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Does the HD2 Dome have a WAN port to be able to get a hardline in along with the two cellular modems?

If not, could that be done using the SIM Injector?

Hi Gaffy, the HD2 Dome is designed to be a dedicated cellular router with dual modems providing full SpeedFusion capabilities. There is no Ethernet WAN port.

The SIM Injector allows for remote management of up to 8 additional SIM cards but it does not provide an Ethernet WAN port to the HD2 Dome.


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Understood. Thank you for the quick response!

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Do we have any more compatible SIM injector devices, since this was last updated?

Do we have any more compatible SIM injector devices, since this was last updated?

Here is the recent model list:

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It sim injector supported in 20x? The UI screen for both the cat4 and cat18 modem show configuration options for “Remote SIM”.

B20X with FlexModule Mini will supports SIM Injector.
I updated the list accordingly. Thank you.

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