Introducing the HD2 Dome and SIM Injector!

hi TK , thanks

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Hi TK, i try now our HD2 Dome, but now i can not manage the Sim Bank with this firmware .
I just opened a ticket, about this problem .

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Hi Guys, i don’t understand with my HD2 Dome, where insert the local sim .
Can you help me ?

From what I understand, the SIM Injector is required when using it with the HD2 Dome

Hi Alan,

we are all very excited about the Fusion SIM / SIM Injector official announcement and can’t wait to fully test it.

I am wondering if maybe a new firmware was released? The one we are currently using does not allow us to “inject” the SIMs with custom APN and PIN. I hope this will be resolved before first units are deployed.

Hello @TheMissingLink,
The HD2 dome can operate in two ways:

  • You can install 2 x SIMs for each of the internal modems
  • You can use the SIM Injector / FusionSIM with or without internal SIMs

We do not advise opening the MAX HD2 Dome unless it is absolutely necessary, use a SIM Injector in preference on the same physical network as the MAX HD2 Dome…


We deployed the first of these here in Australia, based on our experience we recommend only installing the internal SIMs when you are going to have the SIM Injector/FusionSIM remotely located away on a different physical network. This is the situation when the SIMs will be left in the operations/data centre, your HD2 Dome is going to need an initial connection so to establish the link back into your SIM Injector / FusionSIM.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


What is the gain on the internal antenna(s) of the HD2 Dome? We have a customer asking.


I managed to access the cellular modem compartment, removing all the screws I found.
If I can use the integrated modems it is not easy to access.

@asimula, look like tech support is following up with you in the ticket. Case will be escalate if necessary.


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Hi @TK_Liew , yes thanks, we wait from the support, for uprade of Sim Inject (first Edition)

Is it possible to configure two HD2 Domes into 4xLTE bonded router?

Helllo @VideoStream,
The HD2 Dome has only two LTE Modems within. You would need to connect two HD2 Domes into another balance router if you want 4 LTE connections.
Happy to help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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I’m working on a Blog Post on the HD2 Dome and I’m looking for a few technical details. Are there any specs on the built-in antenna, specifically the gain and the reception pattern.

Also, it is listed as LTE but the LTE radios are discontinued, is this an error in the documentation, or is it LTEA, listed as LTE because of certification issues?



Hello @Kachadurian,
The units we have worked with all have had LTEA chip sets.
As to the antenna patterns & gains, that is something the Peplink team will need to help with.
What I can share is the antenna performance has been better than we expected, part of this is we expect due to two reasons;

  1. The connection from the internal antenna to the LTEA modem will be very short with a minimal number of internal connectors.
  2. The metal roof of the vehicles (see the photo of the bus above) helps improve the performance of the antennas.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Thanks. Cable loss is so overlooked, an internal 3dBi antenna can perform better than a 10 dBi antenna at the end of a 20 foot cable.



Here are some specs on the antenna gain:

694-960MHz - 0.18 - 2.96 dBi
1710-2600MHz - 2.4 - 6.37 dBi

The pattern is an omni, but I don’t have any specific radiation graphs at the moment.

You can also see a picture of the 4 LTE antennas with the GPS antenna in the middle here:




Does the SIM Injector currently support any other products besides the HD2 Dome?

And does the SIM injector come with a 56 volt power supply?

Hello @clinder,
The SIM Injector can also be used with the:

  • IP67 HD2 LTEA
  • IP67 HD4 LTEA

We know of other models and ranges currently undergoing development and testing, the Peplink/Pepwave range continues to evolve so as time progresses you will see the current models changed over to the newer chip sets that are able to support the SIM Injector technology.

You can read more on the IP67 HD2 & HD4 on the Peplink website.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: