Introducing Firmware 8.0.1!


Base on the investigation, look like it may not related to 8.0.0 and 8.0.1 firmware and it can be some other things influence on this. I had replied you via support ticket and proposed few isolation test.

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i havent received any replies to the ticket since last week…can you please check that your reply went through? i dont recall anything about isolation testing in our previous back and forth… i don’t know how much more time i can invest in this… device hasn’t functioned properly for a long time now… there must be a way to turn on more verbose logging and capture what is going on???


I have sent the reply early today and also i just resent it few minutes ago. Can you please check again ? I will PM you in case the email did not went into your mailbox. This week (Monday & Today) i have replied 3 emails to you. Just weird you did not received the emails ? This is the reason why you feels angry on this. I’m followed up all the emails that you sent .

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PMed you as well for the ticket content.

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thanks still no emails but i just logged into the ticket system and do see your replies. sorry about that. i dont know why i am not receiving emails from peplink domain. all other emails coming in as normal. let me review your replies and respond to you in the ticket. thank you.


Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Let’s work together to identify the issue. Look like it may not related to the 8.0.1 firmware that we are working hard to investigate the root cause.

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Just finished more testing on the SURF SOHO on 8.0.1 build 1469 and it runs okay but its really hard getting clients to connect. Rolled back to 8.0.0 build 1429 for now and clients connect effortlessly. Have a great day guys!

I have a customer with a 380 on v 8.0.1 experiencing the random system reboots. They appear to be happening very frequently. As often as hourly, and on average at least once every 24 hours. Obviously this is a big concern since it stops all internet traffic, brings down the pepVPNs and communication to the other sites. This only started after upgrading to 8.0.1. Is there a fix on the way soon?

I’ve been having the same email problems for the past few days from the ticketing system.

I have the same problems on a 305, changed to 380 and the same is happening.

@rellison, @Jose_Luis_Gonzalez, can you submit a support ticket here with Remote Assistance turn on to have the Support Team take a closer look at the devices?

@Jonathan_Pitts, not sure if you manage to upgrade any of your affected units to the special firmware (8.0.1s041) and share the outcome with us?

[Update on 25 November 2019]
For those cases that we have gone through the investigation, we found a similarity where the Peplink higher-end models have Inbound session (NAT or Port Forwarding enabled) received the unexpected incoming packets that causing the router misbehaving (and reboot).

It is very rare to see those unknown incoming packets in the ordinary Inbound sessions, hence, I believe the majority of Peplink routers (firmware 8.0.1GA) with Inbound service enabled should NOT be affected.

The special firmware, 8.0.1s041, should fix this issue, also we received positive feedback from our partners and customers.

In case you still encounter a similar issue after the upgrade, please let us know (submit a support ticket) soonest possible.


Three devices on 8.0.1s041 and problems have gone away.


Cool… when it would be an official release and what is the root cause?

@WeiMing - I opened ticket number 9110604

I reverted back from firmware 8.0.1 to firmware 8.0. All my settings for IPSEC and Firewall on 8.0.1 is gone after the downgrade.
Downgraded by clicking System → reboot → Choose older version of firmware. Is this expected behaviour?


Configuration changes make after the firmware upgrade (8.0.1) won’t be available in firmware 8.0.0 partition.This is the expected behavior.

If you have a lot of configuration changes after upgraded using 8.0.1, please upload again the firmware 8.0.0 to the device and this will help to migrate the configuration to the new loaded partition for firmware 8.0.0.



Thanks to everyone at Peplink working on the 8.0.1 code.
We were ready to start our regression testing on 8.0.1 to verify it is behaved properly with the features we use, but with the reports in this thread it became clear that we should wait until some of the remaining bugs are fixed.

Can Peplink please publish in this forum the following details?

  • All known issues in 8.0.1
  • All issues fixed in 8.0.1s041
  • A roadmap for the repair of outstanding issues not fixed in 8.0.1s041

Lastly, what do you think of this idea?
Can we have a release of a stable/fixed build of 8.0.x based upon the current set of features only that are in 8.0.1?

Many thanks


As a Peplink partner I can confirm after upgrading units at multiple of our customers, update 8.0.1s041 has resolved the spontaneous reboot in every case.


Firmware 8.0.2 released to mainly fixing the reported bugs. Detail info please refer to the following URL :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:Firmware 8.0.2 RC1

Firmware 8.0.2 has been GA.


I wanted to comment here that we were affected by the firmware 8.0.1 that made our Peplink 380 reboot about 3 times a day. I spend a number of hours trying to track down the root cause of the issue before coming upon the 8.0.1s041 update. It appears to have resolved the issue.