Introduce another router 'behind' Peplink Core One: avoid double NAT


We have a Balance Core One, with 5 WAN ports with a public IP. We want to use another router as our main router, so we will preferably install this behind the Peplink.


Internet (5x ISPs) ----- Peplink ----- LAN


Internet (5x ISPs) ---- Peplink ----- New Router ---- LAN

I wondered how to set the Peplink so the new situation avoids the double NAT (1 by Peplink and another one by the New router).

I have looked at the drop-in mode on this thread: I want to bridge the LAN Port of balance one core - #2 by TK_Liew. I think it is exactly what I would like to make the Peplink in bridge mode, but I can not find anything about drop in mode in the settings (the Balance Core one does not have this option?).

Second option is perhaps IP forwarding? But I don’t know how to configure it.

Some help would be appreciated.


Balance One does not support drop in mode. You can try to see if the new router supports IP forwarding instead of NAT

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