Dear Peplink Support

Is it possible to make Peplink interoperable with the Billion 72xx and 52xx series, we found that Layer 1 drops when connecting one of these series routers to the Peplink

Thank You

Which model of Peplink that you found packet drops with Billion 72xx and 52xx?

Please also go to the following page of your Peplink unit that allows to change the speed, duplex and advertise speed option.

http://“Peplink’s IP”/cgi-bin/MANGA/support.cgi

thank you for your response Lai. The model of Peplink is the 310

Hey Lai

We have tested duplex and speed of port but issue still persists, just to give you some symptoms of what happens. When connecting to this routers the Lights Blink continuously while the port goes to up and down state repeatedly. This is why we think it must be a layer 1 issue

Hi Francois,

The next step to help address the issue would be to create a service ticket so we can look further into the issue. Please send in a Network Diagram of your deployment along with the IP scheme and capture a diagnostic report from the Balance when the issue is occurring. Send all of that along with the ticket and we can try to dig in further on what’s going on.

Instructions on capturing the report can be found at the following link-

You can create the support ticket at the following link-

I am confident that we can find out more of what is going on and will continue to work with you from there.

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The Peplink Team

Thank you Jason